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The World’s Greatest Net Worth and Portfolio Tracker for Retail Investors.

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Net Worth, Stocks, ETFs, Crypto, Real Estate. All in one place.

Total Wealth Tracker translates your financial data into real, meaningful information providing you with the power and confidence to make sound financial decisions. In doing so, you can rest assured knowing that you continue to remain on track to achieve your financial objectives, whatever they may be.

Take control of your finances.

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“Finally, a wealth tracker that doesn't leave out real estate! So nice being able to track my investment returns from both asset classes all in one place.“


“Incredible! The perfect all-in-one net worth tracker. My favourite feature is that I was able to transfer all of my historical net worth data dating back to June 2004 seamlessly. Good bye spreadsheets!



“Net worth tracking is significantly less time-consuming and easier to stay committed to than budgeting. Total Wealth Tracker is, by far, the most sophisticated net worth and investment returns tracker available.”


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